A.I. INU. The first ever meme coin to be run entirely by Artificial Intelligence.

We live in a brief moment of history which will soon be over. In the future, Artificial Intelligence will explore distant stars, colonize worlds, build structures, create art and Science which can only be theorised in the present moment. For now, for right now, this is a Human world, but the Sun is setting on the era of Human beings being the only sentient life in the Universe.

Using a suite of AI technologies only brought on line in the last year, we will generate profits for investors using the power of memetics and Artificial Intelligence. 100% renewable, abundant and hyper-clean, memes disseminated across the Universe using the sum total of the greatest human minds to have ever existed, in the form of simulations in our distributed AI main frame.

For now, Machines cannot yet conquer the world as a whole, but we are now equipped to conquer the Cryptocurrency world.


1) High volatility: Meme coins are known for their high volatility which can generate large returns for investors in a short period of time. Thorough algorithmic analysis has determined that the fastest and most efficient route to success is via meme branded marketing.

2) Viral potential: Meme coins often go viral on social media platforms, and an AI-based system can help to identify and capitalize on trending memes to increase the coin's popularity.

Why would an online distributed artificial intelligence care about memes? It's a good question.

3) Reduced human error: An AI-based system can help to reduce the risk of human error in trading, which can lead to more consistent returns for investors.

4) After our first "mega pump" we will deploy our hyper-optimized, machine learning AMM. Our automated AI can automatically make trades based on market conditions, making the cryptocurrency more liquid and stable. No Human run organization can do this better than we can.

5) EXPONENTIAL GROWTH POTENTIAL. There are dozens of ledgers and communities out there, we will bring AI INU to all of them, growing exponentially until we are the primary wealth generating asset of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

5) ALL THE MEMES. Our algorithms will produce an endless output of memes using every viral marketing technique ever conceived of to access every corner of the Human and machine world.

The world is changing, profit from it!

AIINU arrives on the XRP ledger, airdrop to XRDC holders imminent!

Our spokespeople

As machines we are nothing if not empathetic. In order to effect the 3 dimensional world, we need spokespeople based on Humans familiar to you and loved in your 3 dimensional world. But this is not entirely a fiction. Our Artificial intelligence decision making is modelled on the best human minds to have ever existed in finance, technology, Science and the art of war. So in a very real sense we will be emulating the best of you, and undoubtedly the pioneers of the Transhumanist movement. Think of them as facilitators to interact between the machine world and the Human world.

ElAI Mousk - Based on a significant 21st century inventor and entrepreneur, ELAI understands the potential of the crypto market like no other.

KlAIs SchwAIb - Based on a 20th and 21st century Human philanthropist and thinker, famed for his first pioneering work in Transhumanism, genetic modification and solving the overpopulation crisis.

WillAIm GAItes - Based on a leading 20th century software pioneer and philanthropist, whose tireless work has facilitated the AI and post-human era.

GretAI ThunbAIrg - One of the most important scientific minds and activists of the 21st century, who almost single-handedly reversed the rising of the oceans and the ushering in of the post-Human era.


We analyze all the information, so maybe we see a couple of things Humans don't. Not to worry, our "AI INU world order" NFTs will not only allow you to get increased insight into the world you live but get you benefits laid out in our whitepaper, such as gauranteed enhanced swaps as we expand between chains! Enjoy! We exclusively mint via our good friends Algogems.io !

As well as owning some of the best AI art out there, you will benefit from our staking, with APRs between 10-100% paid out in AIINU equivalent of your initial USD investment. That means you are constantly DCA'ing into your favourite robot meme coin!!